Catch-Up, Work and A Show

Another awesome day in paradise … I caught up with Doug … great to chat again … and thanks for the sugar fix today … This is the horse head outside my work … I pat him most days on the way in and the way home … I was intrigued by the lights and […]

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Walk The Earth

Share your story here … ok. Can you see this bee? Apparently these bees are very important to life. They pollinate a lot plants that produce food for us animals. Without them around to pollinate plants for us we'd get pretty hungry after a few years. Anyway, more flowers … I went to a mental […]

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Rummaging through the photos on an old iPad … here is what some cats have been up to lately … Say hello to Midnight. Bit more of a character … Then … Mimmi … And Midnight again … Then Mimmi and Midnight …

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